Call for nominations: Chartered ABS Apprenticeships Committee

The Chartered Association of Business Schools is seeking new members for our Apprenticeships Committee.

17th July 2024

Institutional Subscriptions

Business schools can support the continuous development of their teaching staff, meet accreditation standards, and raise the quality of teaching standards by taking up an Institutional CMBE subscription.

How an Institutional Subscription can benefit your business school

An Institutional CMBE Subscription will:

Support the development and promotion of teaching faculty

Use the CMBE CPD framework to support faculty development and advance the quality of teaching in your institution by aligning the CMBE with your professional development frameworks and enabling your staff to become CMBEs by taking up an Institutional CMBE Subscription.

Streamline your accreditation journey

Use an Institutional CMBE Subscription to demonstrate that your school has a systematic approach to the continuous professional development of faculty and is committed to teaching excellence; and use this evidence to support your institution's accreditation journey with AACSB, AMBA or EQUIS.

Demonstrate your commitment to teaching excellence

Use an Institutional CMBE subscription to demonstrate to prospective staff and students that your institution is committed to investing in learning & teaching, and to providing excellent business & management education.

What is the fee?

Institutional subscriptions are simply the total value of the number of individual subscriptions that you want to buy.

The fees per member of staff per year are £110 for Chartered ABS member institutions and £165 for institutions which aren't Chartered ABS members.

For example, for an Institutional subscription that includes 50 individual subscriptions, the fees would be:

  • Chartered ABS member institutions - £5,500 (50 x £110 individual subscriptions)

  • Institutions outside the Chartered ABS membership - £8,250 (50 x £165 individual subscriptions)

Discuss an Institutional Subscription with us today

Contact us to arrange a time to discuss setting up an Institutional Subscription for your staff.