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12th June 2024
Knowledge Sharing

Embracing and overcoming AI implementation in the UK Higher Education setting

17th May 2024


Zoe Newsham

Sheffield Business School

Jayne Revill

Sheffield Business School

Georgina Thornley

Sheffield Business School

Sandar Win

Sheffield Business School

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in higher education has sparked a heated debate, with advocates and sceptics offering contrasting views. The recent push for AI implementation in learning experiences has raised concerns about the authenticity of the educational process.

Throughout higher education institutions, the presence of AI is becoming more prevalent, prompting discussions on its impact on traditional teaching methods and student outcomes.  We will discuss the reshaping of the educational landscape due to the influence of AI, the new skillset required by current and future educators and the challenges and opportunities this presents in the context of delivering authentic learning experiences in higher education settings.  This includes discussions around the role of educators in this evolving environment and how we navigate the complexities of incorporating AI while maintaining the integrity of education.

Through the presentation, we aim to deliver the following three key messages:

  1. the new skillsets required by current and future educators regarding AI,

  2. the opportunities AI will bring within the educational setting, and

  3. how to navigate barriers to AI implementation.