We work with government and other bodies to help create the best possible environment in which our members can thrive. These pages provide information and guidance on policy areas which affect UK business schools. You will find our research, consultation responses, and more.

Research Impact

Read about the work Chartered ABS and BAM are doing to make the case for greater investment in business & management research.

Degree Apprenticeships

A rapidly growing area of provision with new challenges and opportunities for business schools.

Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF)

Find useful resources and our responses to its development here.

Research Excellence Framework (REF)

The REF is the nationwide assessment of research quality. This page includes guidance on REF 2021.

Industrial Strategy

Explore the opportunities for business schools within the government's plans for the UK economy.

International Students

The background on international student visa policy and what we are doing to make the case for business schools.


Our relationship with the EU is important to our business schools' student recruitment, staffing and research.

COVID-19 and the response from business schools

Business schools are helping tackle the impact of the pandemic with research and business support.